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When it comes to making money, being a recognizable personality can dramatically increase the amount you earn. Take a moment to think about the names you recognize in radio, TV, and even in movies. Chances are that every person you named is earning far more then the average person working in the same position. When it comes to talk radio, this point is especially true.

With that in mind, lets take a moment to examine Mike Francesa. As well as looking at his salary, lets take a moment to see just how much Mike Francesa makes while hosting Mike’s On: Francesa on the FAN.

The History and the Man: Mike Francesa

Born on March 20th, 1954, Mike Francesa got an early start with CBS sports in 1982. Working as an editors assistant, Mike Francesa bided his time, waiting for an opportunity to come by. In 1989, Mike Francesa was asked to replace the controversial Pete Franklin for the popular 3pm to 7pm driving slot. Dubbed Mike and the Mad Dog, Mike Francesa began a decades long process of establishing his name as one of the premier radio hosts in the country.

This would serve him well when in Chris “Mad Dog” left WFAN in 2008. Now in charge, Mike Francesa began Mike’s On: Francesa on the Fan.


Mike Francesa earns an estimated 4 million dollars through his radio host job. In addition to this, Mike Francesa may be making more money through his podcast as well as special guest appearances and advertising. He also has a net worth of about 4 million dollars. Currently 61 years old, Mike Francesa is at the height of his career. With powerful name recognition, Mike Francesa has the potential to earn significantly more for the work that he does. In an industry where name recognition and charisma are everything, Mike Francesa has both.

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