Mika Brzezinski Salary

Some of the best-paid people in news are those with charisma and popular recognition. Earning at time two to three times more then their peers, these individuals become the names we trust when it comes to news coverage.

Having captured the public’s attention over the past 5 years, Mika Brzezinsksi has managed to make a name for herself in journalism. Along with a long career of hosting and co-hosting positions, she has also been in the forefront of entertainment verses hard hitting news. So, how much does Mika Brzezinsksi make? Lets find out.


Mika Brzezinsksi earns 2 million dollars a year as co-host of MSNBC’s weekday morning show called Morning Joe. While salaries have to be intelligently guessed, Mika Brzezinsksi actually came forward with the amount she was making when talking about gender and income equality in 2012. When compared to the work she does, it comes as a shock to many that she earns half of what her co-host makes.

The 2 million Mika Brzezinsksi earns comes solely from her work on MSNBC. This means that Mika Brzezinsksi can earn significantly more through guest lecture positions, endorsements, and additional media outlets like podcasts. In addition, at 47, Mika Brzezinsksi has decades ahead of her to increase her income potential. Bringing together journalistic integrity and having no problem fighting against sensationalist news for the sake of drawing in a greater audience, Mika Brzezinsksi is well suited to become one of the trusted names in future TV news coverage.

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