Mike Golic’s Salary

It is no secret that people in professional sports make money. Whether it be the coaches that can pull down millions per year, the players that can pull even more, or even the support staff that can command incredible salaries, sports is a good industry to be in. That being said, lets take a look a look at a coveted position in sports, the host. In particular, we will look at Mike Golic and see how much money he makes.

Salary Questions

Pinning down Mike Golic’s income can be a challenge. First, he has an accumulated net worth that is far greater then his salary. His net worth puts him at about 9 millions dollars. Currently, Mike Golic works as a co-host on the ESPN Radio show Mike & Mike. With a commanding presence and 6 ft 5in height, Mike Golic pulls on his years of playing professional football to provide insight and analysis that fans want. Because of this, he is seen as a trusted source of information and a challenge to replace. With this in mind, it makes sense that Golic can ask for more then the average host or co-host.

The Amount

At his current position, Mike Golic makes roughly 2 million dollars every year through his salary at ESPN. This does not take into account any additional sources of money including endorsements. This makes Mike Golic one of the richest co-hosts currently on television.

Having been born on December 2nd, 1962 and graduating from the University of Notre Dame in 1985, Mike Golic still has a lot of time to increase his net worth and income. Whether by expanding his salary through endorsement opportunities or slowly requesting more as he becomes a permanent fixture on ESPN, Mike Golic has a great deal of earning potential helped in part from his experiences on the field. This makes it a challenge to replace him with someone else and allows him to command an ever increasing salary.

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