Sonogram Technician’s Salary

The healthcare industry is one of the few industries that continued to expand through the last recession. Leaving the recession stronger then ever, there is an ever expanding need for trained technicians to operate the myriad of equipment that hospitals are increasingly relying on to do their job. With this need come bigger salaries for those who have the right education.

Lets take a moment to examine the salaries of a sonogram technician. In addition to describing what they do, we will review the education required.

What Does A Sonogram Technician Do?

A Sonogram Technician is responsible for running the sonogram machine when patients and doctors require their use. In addition to aiding in what ever may be required, the job means you will be responsible for keeping the equipment in good working order.

What Education Is Required For A Sonogram Technician?

Education for a Sonogram Technician usually requires an associated degree at the least. Also, you will have to get accredited as a technician in the United States by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs, also known as CAAHEP. This can take several years to get.

How Much Do Sonogram Technicians Make?

The average salary for a Sonogram Technician is around $65,000 a year. When taking into account benefits, this number goes just past $70,000. Individuals just entering the field can earn towards the lower end of $40,000 while those in special positions or with considerable experience can earn upwards of $90,000. Like every position, your eventual salary will depend on the current need for your expertise, the size of the institution hiring you, and your ability to aim for a higher salary during the interview process.

One of the largest hurtles to becoming a Sonogram Technician is finding training in your area, as well as meeting the basic requirements in math that most programs require. However, if you can spend the time, you can exit this process with a certification that can dramatically increase the amount you earn.

Skills of a Sonographer

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