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Mike Krukow currently serves as the color commentator for broadcasts of San Francisco Giants baseball games. He is also a former Major League Baseball pitcher, playing a combined 14 seasons for the Chicago Cubs, Philadelphia Phillies, and Giants.

Over his career, Krukow had a 3.90 ERA, a 124-117 record, and 1,478 strikeouts. His best season was in 1986, when he posted a 20-9 record for the Giants, with a 3.05 ERA. He was selected to the All-Star team that year and finished third in voting for the Cy Young Award.

After his career ended with a rotator cuff injury, he turned to sportscasting, becoming an occasional analyst on KNBR radio in 1990. In 1994, he became a full-time broadcaster. Since then, Krukow has earned 7 Emmy awards for his work.

How Much Does Mike Krukow Earn?

In 2017, the Giants signed Krukow and his broadcasting partner, Duane Kuiper, to a multi-year contract extension.
Krukow does not work every game for the team, as he is battling a degenerative disease called inclusion-body myositis. He is expected to call more than 100 games each year. He currently works road games that are west of Denver, along with all home games, because of his condition.

Steven Fainaru interviewed Krukow regarding his degenerative condition, noting that he had secretly feared that he might have Lou Gehrig’s disease. He first noticed the condition when he began losing distance off his golf drive.
It wasn’t until 2011 when he spoke with the team neurologist, who referred him to a neuromuscular specialist. That is how the diagnosis of IBM came about.

Krukow’s condition is not life-threatening. It will require him to use a cane to walk. He’ll eventually need to use a walker or a scooter to be mobile. The disease primarily affects the hand muscles and the quadriceps.

In 1988, just before his shoulder injury forced his retirement, Krukow earned just under $900,000 for a 1-year contract with the Giants.

His current salary is not published by the San Francisco Giants, nor is it part of the public record. Krukow has no current plans to retire from his broadcasting position.

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