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Rich Froning is an American professional CrossFit athlete who is best known for his achievements in the CrossFit Games in consecutive years beginning 2010, through 2014. During four of these years (2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014) Froning became the very first person to be named the “Fittest Man On Earth” for four years running – an achievement surprisingly achieved through unconventional means.

Froning has been quoted as saying he does not follow special, strict diets, nor does he take days off training as are customary in other CrossFit athletes. Instead, he prefers to listed to his body, and give it exactly what it needs. Froning also claims to train multiple times per day, without every taking a rest day, as he feels rest days are not beneficial to what he is trying to accomplish.

During the years 2015 and 2016, Rich Froning was the team leader of the CrossFit Mayhem Freedom team. He led this team to place first in the team category during the CrossFit games, which allowed them to collectively claim the athlete cup.

Froning’s love of fitness began early on in life. Although he was born in Mount Clemons, Michigan, Froning moved to Cookeville, Tennessee during his childhood. While attending Cookeville High School, he participated in many sports, including football, but his greatest achievements were accomplished in baseball. Froning became an all-district, all-regional second baseman during his high school years.

Net Worth

There is some general debate on exactly what Rich Froning’s net worth really is. Varying sources make different claims, and no sources have any direct information – or, if they do, they have chosen not to share it. What has been determined, through the use of multiple sources, is that Froning’s net worth definitely falls between two and five million dollars.

How He Made His Money

A vast majority of Froning’s money was made in the form of prize money awarded for his winnings in the CrossFit games. These earnings were more than a million, while less than 1.5 million, according to sources. As a professional athlete, Froning has also been greatly supported through his work with big name sponsors. A few of the most notable of these include Reebok, Oakley, and Rogue Fitness.

In addition to his commercial success, Rich Froning is also the owner and operator of his own affiliate gym, called CrossFit Mayhem. The gym is a profitable business, located in Froning’s own town of residence, Cookeville, Tennessee.

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