Mike Missanelli Salary

Mike Missanelli is a sportscaster. He is a radio personality that winds up in trouble on the regular. He has been suspended and fired quite a few times. He was suspended in 2014 for an inflammatory email exchange with a listener. He was fired after punching his producer during a live broadcast but he pulls in the viewers especially the demographics that advertisers like to advertise to so finding a new job is never an issue for him.

He earned the reputation of being homophobic and caused quite the stir when the email exchange was leaked to the press. Typically radio people do not make a lot of money but Mike seems to be doing all right. He has been booted off a lot of shows but his notoriety makes him a very popular sports show host. He has a prime midday spot and his own show.

How Much Does He Make?

After a great deal of searching, snooping and researching the answer is no one but Mike and his current station knows. There are some estimates that are as high as the high 6 figures and as low as less than 6 figures. The reality is probably somewhere in between. He makes enough to where he can screw up job after job and not really worry about it too much so it must be pretty substantial.

The Rumors

Mike generates quite a bit of talk. The rumor mill loves to run on and on about him, in all fairness he does fuel it with his antics. Recently there was a rumor that his old radio station was trying to lure him back with a “lucrative” offer but the offer was not disclosed and the reps from the radio station said they never offered him anything at all.

Some people claim that he is making a gold mine while other’s claim he is certainly not being paid what he deserves. It all depends on which side of the fence you are on and whether you like his kind of banter or not.

There is one thing that is not in dispute he does bring in the crowds. The people of Philly love his show and they follow him from radio station to radio station. He is very likely making the mid 6 figures but there is no hard evidence either way because evidently Mr. Missanelli likes it that way.

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