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Sal Governale is not hurting for cash that is for sure. Sal “the stockbroker” is a radio personality/writer/comedian on the Howard Stern show. There are some websites that put his net worth at $400K with a salary of $80K a year on the Howard Stern show.

Sal sort of fell into radio. No one really knows for sure if he was actually ever a stockbroker or not. There are some rumors that he was a stockbroker that was selling some shady stock but those rumors have not been substantiated. Sal Governale is doing okay financially that is for sure, but is not making nowhere near what the rest of the people on Sterns show is making.

Recent News

Recently it was unveiled that Sal Governale took a side deal with an internet company to promote them on air that Stern was not aware of. It seemingly is not going to pan out well for him. The rumor mill has him being paid about $40,000 for this little side gig and evidently Mr. Stern was not too happy about it.

Stand Up

Since his debut on the Howard Stern show as a call in guest and a contestant on “win John’s job” (he came in as a runner up, Governale has made stand-up comedy appearances that pay him pretty well as well. The reportedly $80, 000 a year that he earns on the Howard Stern show is likely only a part of what he earns total.

Other Sources

There are other sources that put his salary at a relatively low $40,000 a year for the Howard Stern show which is very unlikely. He is used as a writer, a personality and makes appearances on behalf of the show. It is highly unlikely that his salary is that low.


If Sal Governale is able to live on $80,000 a year he has to be struggling considering where he lives. It is very likely that is he making a bit more than that. If Sal is only making $80,000 a year he may want to consider going back to being a stockbroker even if it was the shady type that was selling fake stock.

Howard Stern can certainly afford to pay him more than $80,000 a year since he pays Robin about $10 million. Sal Governale has to be making more than $80,000 a year which seems to be the consensus on what he is earning.

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