Narcissistic Personality in the Workplace

A narcissistic personality in the workplace can be a dangerous thing. The short-term damage caused by one of these personalities can be considerable. However, you also want to be just as aware of the long-term damage. A narcissistic personality that is left unchecked has the potential to cause damage to the company that can be felt for a good deal of time after the fact.

For these reasons and others, it is absolutely crucial to be able to identify a narcissistic personality in the workplace.

Identifying A Narcissistic Personality In Your Workplace

Dealing with a narcissistic personality in the workplace is never easy. It can leave your department or even your entire company in a state of absolute bedlam. However, for now, you don’t need to worry about that.

At the moment, it is perhaps best to simply know how to identify a narcissistic personality in the workplace. Keep in mind that these people can be bosses, just as easily as they can be one of your colleagues:

1. A narcissistic boss tends to be someone who has had a certain degree of success, or perhaps even a great deal of success. You’re going to find that they are very goal-orientated.

2. A narcissistic boss is not only goal-orientated, but a firm, almost fanatical believer in the notion that their goals are the only goals that matter. These goals need to be followed to the absolute letter. No one is allowed to deviate from them in way, shape or form.

3. Those who deviate from the goals or plans of this type of boss are often dealt with swiftly. The boss can become verbally abusive, dismiss the dissenter on sight, or engage in a combination of these things.

4. A narcissistic boss tends to be arrogant, manipulative, controlling, and bullying.

5. When something goes wrong for the narcissistic boss, temper tantrums are certain to follow. Employees will be punished or even fired.

6. A narcissistic employee exhibits many of the same behaviors. However, instead of being in charge, they will use these traits to find a favorable position with bosses and supervisors.

7. A narcissistic employee is never going to be above lying to get what they want.

8. A narcissistic employee will never be above using others to get what they want.

9. A narcissistic employee does not believe they can be held accountable for their actions or behaviors. They will always blame others.

These are some of the traits you’re going to want to look for in narcissistic personality types.

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