33 Impressive Office Assistant Resume Objective Statement Examples

A targeted objective statement for your resume will catch the employer’s attention and get them to continue reading your resume. Since the objective statement is at the top of your resume, it is going to be the first thing a potential employer reads. It is your chance to quickly communicate that you know what the job entails, and you have what it takes to be an excellent office assistant.

Below is a selection of objectives statements for office assistants with a range of experience to guide you in writing a strong objective statement for your resume:

Experienced Office Assistant Objective Statements

  • Professional and personable administrative professional looking for an office assistant position, bringing three years’ experience in front desk management, visitor reception, and managing meeting room bookings.
  • Applying for an office assistant position at Smith Company, coming with two years’ experience in handling invoices, managing accounting entries, coordinating with general services suppliers, tracking office inventory, organizing travel bookings, managing expense reports, and organizing files in a fast-paced office setting.
  • Driven and detail-oriented professional administrator with a strong sense of urgency seeking a new role in a fast-paced office, leveraging over five years’ experience in supporting management in busy office settings, taking thorough meeting minutes, handling confidential information, and assisting management with a variety of duties.
  • Organized and detail-oriented professional seeking the role of Office Assistant at Jones & Rogers, applying experience in supporting office processes including maintaining office inventory, filing, covering the reception and assisting in event planning.
  • Energetic and proactive multi-tasker with seven years’ experience, looking to support A&R Shipping as an Office Assistant, capable of providing office administration support including organizing meetings, managing calendars, and welcoming and logging visitors.
  • To obtain an office assistant position, bringing experience with maintaining calendars, completing expense reports, arranging itineraries, creating presentations, and maintaining webpages to efficiently support the functioning of busy teams.
  • Looking for a position as an Office Assistant at Central State University, leveraging six years of experience supporting office functions at higher education institutions, to manage and perform a variety of administrative and clerical functions, including completing special projects requiring advanced skills and performing other duties as needed.
  • Experienced and detail-oriented administrative professional seeking an office assistant role, ready to provide demonstrated capability for front desk and reception responsibilities, coordination of meetings and events, input of data into customer databases, and other responsibilities with little oversight and under pressure.
  • Highly experienced and enthusiastic administrative professional looking for a job as an Office Assistant at Garrison & Chalmer, bringing a demonstrated understanding of how to support multiple office functions including planning and taking minutes for meetings, welcoming visitors, and directing phone calls received on the main office line.
  • Self-motivated and dependable professional looking for a new role as an office assistant, coming with excellent references for providing over 20 years’ experience to two different companies and an understanding of liaising with a variety of third parties.
  • Experienced administrator looking to apply my skills as an Office Assistant at Digi Tech, seeking to leverage over four years’ experience providing office support functions ranging from front desk management to assisting the accounting department.
  • Looking for a job as an Office Assistant for Expedition Tours, experienced in providing administrative support to the travel industry over the past six years, including a detail-oriented approach to ensuring accuracy in communicating visa and immunization requirements to a range of clients.
  • Reliable and organized office assistant looking for a new role, coming with over five years’ experience providing high-quality support to multiple teams, competent in prioritizing and working with little supervision to ensure the smooth running of the office.
  • To serve as an Office Assistant at Young Ltd., bringing over two years’ experience in supporting efficient office functioning including planning for external stakeholder meetings, directing client phone calls, and liaising with suppliers.
  • Seeking a job as an office assistant to utilize experience filing, handling phone and email questions, assisting with event planning, managing office inventory, preparing reports, and playing a key role in an office management team with a sense of urgency and a pleasant demeanor.

Entry-Level Office Assistant Objective Statements

  • High school graduate (GPA: 3.7) looking for an Office Assistant position at Memorial Health, providing a polished customer-service attitude, superior organizational skills and a drive to support a team with integrity and dedication.
  • Applying for an office assistant role to utilize my administrative and coordination skills, 65+wpm typing speed, sense of urgency, and proactive ability to work without supervision for the benefit of a busy office environment.
  • Detail-oriented and high-energy team player applying for an Office Assistant position at O’Connell & Partners, maximizing excellent verbal and written communication skills including impeccable grammar and punctuation, pleasant telephone presence, superior computer skills, and can-do attitude to contribute to the overall positive work environment.
  • Focused high school graduate with superior attention to detail, looking for an office assistant role to contribute organizational and communication skills to support the smooth and efficient functioning of an office.
  • Organized and energetic entry-level professional applying for an office assistant position, coming with unparalleled integrity, deep respect for client confidentiality, and a strong desire to learn and be useful to others.
  • To obtain an Office Assistant position at M&L Partners, seeking to utilize friendly demeanor to provide excellent customer service to all staff, clients and contacts of the company while taking initiative to complete administrative and clerical work under pressure and meet deadlines.
  • Committed and focused team player seeking an office assistant position to contribute my excellent Microsoft Office computer skills, strong communication and organizational skills, and flexibility to be available evenings, weekends and holidays.
  • Seeking role as an office assistant to support a busy office by providing receptionist duties, welcoming visitors, directing phone calls, and utilizing 70+ wpm typing speed for a variety of administrative and clerical tasks.
  • Self-starting team player applying for role as an Office Assistant at Brown Shipping Ltd. to bring courteous disposition, strong work ethic, and excellent computer skills to support an office in a reliable, professional manner.
  • Proactive and dedicated office assistant skilled at multitasking, looking for an Office Assistant job at Adekko USA to utilize strong Microsoft Office Suite skills, good interpersonal skills and a sense of urgency to support a fast-paced environment to add value and problem-solve for the benefit of internal and external clients.
  • Dependable and driven team player applying for an Office Assistant job at RightNow Solar, leveraging above-average Microsoft Office skills, excellent written and verbal communication skills, and outstanding customer-centric demeanor in interfacing with external customers, along with a broad variety of administrative and clerical capabilities.
  • Highly proactive and flexible individual with attention to detail, eager to learn while performing an office assistant role, bringing forward-thinking mentality, organizational skills, ability to work independently, and excellent computer skills including Excel.
  • To serve as an Office Assistant at Brewer Partners, seeking to contribute proficient experience in MS Office Suite, strong written and verbal communication skills, flexibility, and desire to learn and deliver value to a team with a sense of urgency in a fast-paced setting.
  • Polished and courteous professional with a passion for helping people and delivering an exceptional client experience, seeking an office assistant position to contribute strong organizational, computer and communication skills, in addition to a desire to learn new systems and processes.
  • Looking for a job as an office assistant to support a busy team through providing reception duties, coordinating refreshments for meetings, directing phone calls and providing other administrative and clerical duties as needed to add value and promote the efficient and orderly functioning of the office.

Career Change Office Assistant Objective Statements

  • Self-starter looking for a job as an Office Assistant with Phillips & Co., leveraging three years of call center and customer service experience to offer excellent interpersonal and problem-solving skills, strong organizational skills, and an unbeatable work ethic.
  • Seeking an office assistant position where four years’ experience as a receptionist and can-do attitude can be leveraged to help a team and where there is the opportunity for professional growth.
  • Desiring to apply two years of data entry experience to an Office Assistant role at State Hospital, utilizing 70+wpm typing speed, exceptional attention to detail and organizational skills and eagerness to grow professionally while delivering superior customer service to internal and external clients.

Before sending in your application and your resume with your objective statement, you will need to read the job listing carefully and pick out the key skills needed for the job. You will want to draft those skills into your objective statement to highlight to the employer that you are who they are looking for. In the days before the interview, make sure you have researched the company, practiced answers to interview questions, have appropriate clothing picked out and ready, and know how to get to the interview location. Get a good night’s sleep, eat a healthy breakfast and smile. You are ready.


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