Skyscraper Window Washer Salary

When it comes to dangerous jobs, sure the first thing that comes to mind is police officers and firemen however there are some jobs that are actually scarier. The one job that people do not think about when they think of jobs that put your lives at risk are the skyscraper window washers. The truth is that they are faced with the biggest fear of all every day and they continue on doing their jobs. There are some perks to the job however.

One thing that is great about being a skyscraper window washer is that you are able to get the best view of the city while getting paid to do so. You are as high up as you can be and can see for miles and miles. You maybe up high and feel like you are going to fall to your death but the truth of the matter is that the job actually comes with low fatality rates. The odds of you falling to your death are not because you did the job improperly but because the equipment failed to protect you.

The job of window washing requires that you perform a typical job that others are faced with but only higher in the air than most. You will start by cleaning the windows of the tall buildings with tools that are moderately simple to use such as a squeegee. You will also use a number of cleaning agents that are meant to remove all types of dirt from the windows. There are plenty of things that can stick to the windows of the skyscraper such as dirt, particles brought to the window from the wind as well as feces from birds who might find themselves perched on the window sill.

You will have equipment that will be secured by ropes on the skyscraper so it is important that you check your equipment regularly. You will be required to dangle at some times to get to places that you cannot reach as a team of window washers.

You should know that in order to work however the weather has to permit for it. The work will not be allowed to be done on the days when the wind is high and on days when it is raining excessively. This helps to ensure that you are kept safe when doing your job.

The annual salary of the window washer is going to top out at $28,000 but with the average window washer salary in the low $20’s. The wage in which you earn will depend greatly on where you live and how much you can expect to get when just starting out.

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