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Dann Florek, born as Ezekial Dann Florek was born in 1950 on May 1st. He is known for being the American actor as well as director. He has starred on NBC’s Law and Order as well as the spin-off of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.

Dann Florek was born in Michigan and attended the University of Eastern Michigan however he never did graduate. He instead moved to NYC where he opted to start an acting career and started out in the theatres. He first worked his way into films in the 80’s with films such as Sweet Liberty and Moon over Parador. You will also know his role in the movie The Flintstones where he starred as Mr. Slate.

Dann Florek married his wife Karen and together they live in Venice, Los Angeles. His wife is an artist and he has a brother Dave who is also an actor. They all went to school at Eastern Michigan University where they studied Drama.

Florek then went on to play a role in the hit series on NBC of L.A. Law where he starred as the husband of Susan Ruttan. He began appearing on the show in 1988 as well as appearing in a reoccurring role of the Smart Guy on the WB. Florek also made several appearances on the television show Roseanne.

Dann Florek went on to start the show Law and Order in 1990 where he appeared as Capt. Don Cragen. During the first few years that the show appeared on NBC it came off with below average rating and during the close of the 92 and 93 season, the creator was informed that if more women were not added to the show it would be canceled. During this time Florek was fired as well as Richard Brooks when he was replaced with Jill Hennessy and later on went onto direct several episodes in 1994 and 1995.

Dann Florek would return to the Law and Order series when the spinoff took off in 1999 when he came in as Capt. Cragen. He later on was written out during the season 15 ending and later on returned for a role in the 21st. episode of season 16 in the month of May 2015.

Dann Florek is estimated to have a net worth of $10,000,000 and is not only an actor but also a director who has a monthly earning of $127,518 dollars. Currently his annual salary is $1,530,222. With his average weekly earnings of $30,361 the expected net worth of Dann Florek in 2016 will be $11,300,000.

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