35 Best Teacher Resume Objective Statement Examples

This post will help you craft a powerful objective statement for your CV or resume to land your dream teaching role. As the first part of your resume, the objective statement must draw the reader in to look closely at the details of your experience. You need to communicate that you have the skills necessary for the position and understand what the role entails. Also, don’t be afraid to let your passion for education shine through.

Below are some examples of objectives statements for teachers to guide you in writing a powerful opening to your resume:

Experienced Teacher Objective Statements

  • Patient teacher seeking a role as an elementary teacher at Spring Valley Elementary, bringing over 10 years’ experience in K-6 education, a Master’s Degree, and a certification in special education.
  • Energetic and creative personality and a passion for early childhood education looking to join the teaching team as a kindergarten teacher, bringing two years of pre-school and kindergarten teaching experience in a bilingual English-Spanish setting.
  • To obtain an English teacher position at Stone Creek High, bringing 15 years of secondary level teaching experience and a passion for helping students engage with a range of literature and master writing skills necessary to prepare them for college.
  • Experienced, creative, and passionate student-centered educator looking to undertake the role of a middle school social studies teacher, bringing strong subject-area knowledge gained through a degree in history, and over three years of experience teaching at the middle school level.
  • Qualified teacher with over four years of experience and an undergraduate degree in Mathematics along with an M.A. in Education, seeking the position of a high school math teacher to apply my experience encouraging students to engage with math in a meaningful way to help them gain knowledge, build skills, and prepare them for higher education and the workplace.
  • To undertake the role of bilingual teacher with Fairfield Public Schools, bringing seven years of classroom instruction in Spanish and English, experienced in administering tests and language assessments, as well as a state educator’s license with a bilingual endorsement for K-6.
  • To obtain a position as an elementary teacher for students with special needs, bringing a Master’s Degree in Special Education, a state educator license for grades K-3, and over 12 years of experience tailoring curricula to meet the needs of students with a diverse range of needs.
  • Enthusiastic and creative science teacher looking for a new role in a middle or high school setting, bringing a Master’s of Science in Geology and over five years of experience teaching a range of subjects including physics and earth sciences.
  • Highly energetic and passionate educator skilled in music pedagogy, looking to apply my 20 years of working with students of multiple ages to a position as a music teacher in an elementary setting.
  • Proactive and nurturing kindergarten teacher looking to work with children from a diverse range of socioeconomic backgrounds, bringing eight years of experience in early years education in urban schools and holding an Illinois State Board of Education issued educator license.
  • Organized and optimistic middle school teacher with over 30 years of experience teaching Math, Science, and Health, seeking a part-time substitute teaching role with Oakdale School District.
  • Art teacher with a passion for opening students’ eyes to new forms of artistic expression looking for a role with Green Valley School, bringing five years of experience teaching in middle school settings and bringing a high degree of creativity to my subject as well as superb classroom management and teamwork skills.
  • Seeking to obtain the position of an English teacher in a diverse and inclusive high school setting, bringing nine years of experience teaching English and theater in secondary education settings, as well as creativity, passion, and patience.
  • Highly experienced educator with 16 years of experience seeking to work as a K-6 teacher at Fern Valley Elementary, bringing flexibility and adaptability to my instructional approach to ensure teaching is best tailored to student development and achievement.
  • Dedicated and energetic educator seeking to undertake the role of a kindergarten teacher at Spring Gate Elementary, holding a Master’s of Early Childhood Education, and having over three years of experience in pre-K and kindergarten settings.
  • Enthusiastic and creative K-12 teacher with over 13 years of experience seeking a new role in an elementary or high school setting, bringing my experience of adapting classroom learning and management techniques to virtual teaching and integrating technology into instruction for a range of ages.

Entry-Level Teacher Objective Statements

  • Skilled pianist looking to apply my passion for music to the education of children through the role of a music teacher at Wildwood Middle School, leveraging my classroom instruction skills gained in an accelerated teaching program and year of student teaching.
  • Newly certified teacher seeking to apply my creativity, optimism, and enthusiasm for learning to a full-time position, bringing excellent classroom management skills gained through student and substitute teaching experience and holding a Master’s Degree with a focus on Early Childhood Education.
  • Creative and patient newly certified teacher with a B.S. in Calculus seeking to join North High as a math teacher and apply my creativity in providing a stimulating learning environment that makes math practical and engaging for students according to their levels and abilities.
  • Highly organized team player, seeking to obtain a position as a second-grade teacher at St. John’s School, bringing excellent knowledge of elementary school teaching methods, and a dedication to creating an engaging child-centered environment to foster the intellectual and psychological development of each pupil.
  • Health and fitness enthusiast with student teaching experience looking to teach physical education, bringing patience for students according to their individual capabilities, holding a B.S. in Sports Science and a teaching certification.
  • Early career teaching professional seeking the job of a middle school language arts teacher to apply my knowledge of classroom management and curriculum development along with collaborating with fellow teachers to foster an engaging student-centered learning environment.
  • Patient and nurturing individual looking to join the teaching team at South Coast High School as a teacher, bringing skills in teaching both English and Spanish with a focus on bilingual settings and working with students who have English as a second language.
  • Newly certified teacher seeking the role of a social studies teacher in an elementary or middle school setting, bringing patience, passion, and a demonstrated understanding of the subject matter through an M.A. in Anthropology and an understanding of student engagement and motivation gained through two semesters of student teaching experience.
  • Creative and energetic teacher looking for a pre-K or kindergarten role in a bilingual setting, bringing a Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education and native Spanish-language fluency.
  • To obtain a position as a fourth or fifth-grade teacher at Sun Valley Elementary to apply my understanding of lesson planning, classroom management, and communication skills to work with students and their families to prepare them to excel in middle school.
  • Dedicated recent graduate committed to ensuring art education is accessible to students from a range of backgrounds, seeking the role of fine arts teacher at St. Helen’s Academy, and holding a B.A. in Painting and Sculpture, as well as a state certification in art education for K-12.
  • Motivated individual fascinated by opportunities to integrate technology into education, seeking a position as a STEAM teacher at Green Valley High School, bringing a Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering and a teaching certification from the State of Alabama.
  • Aiming to undertake a role of a special education teacher, bringing a Master’s in Education with a state certification in Special Education, and a commitment to patiently and creatively working with students who face behavioral challenges to help them develop and succeed.
  • Energetic and adaptable early career teacher looking to gain classroom experience by joining the teaching staff of Newlon School District as a substitute teacher at the elementary and middle school levels.
  • To obtain a position as an elementary classroom teacher to develop and deliver a curriculum to help students achieve success while respecting and serving their diverse needs, bringing an educator’s license from the State of Michigan.
  • Early career student-centered educator passionate about fostering linguistic skills in children, aiming to undertake the position of a middle school French teacher, bringing excellent command of the French language and knowledge of French culture gained through a Master’s in French Literature and two years living in Paris.

Career Change Teacher Objective Statements

  • Experienced charismatic accountant seeking to apply my 10 years of experience to teaching high school level math and making math come alive for students with my knowledge of math applications in the business world, bringing recent teaching certification to enable me to effectively communicate my passion for numeracy and mathematics to students.
  • Accomplished personable chemist looking for a new career as a high school science teacher, aiming to bring my 15 years of experience working in a laboratory setting to build knowledge and open the possibility for careers in the sciences to students from a variety of backgrounds.
  • Training clinical psychologist looking to transition careers into early childhood education, aiming to apply my five years of clinical expertise and graduate-level training to the pre-K or kindergarten setting with a deep understanding of the individual psychological needs of my students, bringing a Master’s in Education and experience from a student teaching role at Rosewood Nursery.

Your objective statement is your one chance to grab the job screener’s attention. You should make sure that it and your entire resume has been proofread not only by you but also by someone else with good writing skills and strong attention to detail. Consider showcasing your soft skills that will make you successful in the advertised teacher position and really stand out.


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