30 Ways to Say Thank You for Referring Me to a Job

Here is a list of 30 ways to say thank you for referring me to a job to show your appreciation for their help in your job hunt.

Sample Messages to Thank Someone for Letting You Know about a Job:

#1 I am really grateful for what you have done for me. That job board posting you sent me was a great fit for my experience, and now I am in the process of applying. Thank you immensely, and I will keep you posted on the outcome.

#2 Thank you very much for thinking of me and reaching out to let me know about the open position you saw that fits my background. It was a tremendously kind action to take, and I have applied for the position. Fingers crossed!

#3 I just found out that I got the job you referred me to, and I’d like to extend my thanks to you for helping me out.

#4 Thank you for bringing this job to my attention, and the referral is much appreciated. I’m currently waiting to hear back from Human Resources and will keep you posted. Either way, thank you for being a friend.

#5 I finished tailoring my resume as you suggested for the job you told me about. I appreciate the job search tips and will let you know if I am able to get an offer from the company. I cannot thank you enough for helping me during this process. Even if I don’t get this one, you have reminded me that I need to tailor my resume for each job application, and I thank you.

#6 I just received word about the job that you referred me to and found out that I did not get the job. But I never would have had the chance at all were it not for your referral, and I thank you. Please let me know if you see or hear about anything else you think might be a fit with my background. I appreciate you looking out for me.

#7 Thank you for recognizing my abilities, and for matching me up with that job you referred me to. I appreciate your thoughtfulness in letting me know. The application is awaiting review at the moment, and I am hopeful. Thank you again.

#8 I just caught word that I got the job you told me about. Thank you for referring me and for going out of your way to let me know about it. It really means a lot that you were looking out for me.

#9 It is, in large part, thanks to you that I have been able to land this job. Thank you for your kind referral! It really means an enormous amount to my family and me.

#10 I would like to say thank you ever so much for telling me about that LinkedIn post for the open position. I will forever remember your thoughtfulness of me during my job search.

#11 I would like to wholeheartedly thank you for helping me figure out how best to job search and set up job alerts on [LinkedIn]. Thanks to you, I saw a job posting that fit my experience and ended up getting the job. I am sincerely appreciative that you spent the time to help me.

#12 I’d like to extend my thanks for informing me about that new job posting you saw. It makes me feel good that you think I am a good fit for that job. I will be sure to update you on my progress. Thank you again.

Sample Messages to Thank Someone Who Works in a Company Who Helped You:

#1 I appreciate that you put your reputation on the line by referring me to the boss. No matter what, I will work tirelessly to prove to be worth the risk.

#2 I would like to thank you for putting in a good word for me with the hiring team. It is sure to be of substantial help during the job interview process. I will keep you posted, but no matter what happens, please know I am deeply grateful for your help.

#3 I just heard back, and the Human Resources Manager informed me that my qualifications are not a good fit for what they’re looking for. Thank you for going to bat for me from within though, I appreciate it. It means a lot that you would help me out like this.

#4 I highly appreciate you recommending me within your company for the open position. Thank you for your complimentary and kind-hearted words that have unquestionably helped me. I owe you a big one.

#5 Congratulations on your promotion, and I thank you for referring me to fill the position that you’ll be vacating. I appreciate your thoughtfulness, regardless of the outcome.

#6 I wouldn’t have ever known about this position were it not for knowing someone on the inside. Nor would I have gotten the job if it wasn’t for your referral. Thank you so much for your efforts. I am really excited about joining the team.

#7 Genuinely and sincerely, thank you so much for going out of your way to refer me to this job by handing in my resume! I feel indebted to you and am very hopeful of repaying the favor one day.

#8 Thank you for referring me to work alongside you. The application is in the hands of management, and I’ve been told that I’ll hear back soon. I appreciate your help during my job hunt.

#9 Thank you so much for your help in recommending me for this job. I know that the hiring manager truly values your input, and I want to say that I really appreciate you having my back.

#10 I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the fact that you put in such a good word for me with your boss. Thanks to you, I am now occupying my dream position. You really are one-of-a-kind, and I owe you big time.

#11 Thank you for handing in my resume to the department head. I greatly appreciate the time you spent doing it and the political capital you used. Thank you for helping me have a better chance of getting an interview. I will let you know what happens, but regardless, I deeply thank you.

#12 I hope you know that I am sincerely grateful to you for this job referral. I feel like having you on my side is such a gift. Thank you for believing in me, for trusting in me, and for putting your name on the line for me. If I get this job, I promise I will make you proud.

#13 Thank you for the amazing vote of confidence. I know that your referral will really benefit me going forward if I am offered the job. Thank you for investing so much time and hope into me.

Sample Messages to Thank Someone for an Introduction to a Job Contact:

#1 You were very kind in introducing me to [name of contact]. I’ve sent my resume to him/her, and am waiting to hear back. Thank you for putting me in a position that I would not otherwise be in were it not for your connection. I am grateful that you connected me with [name of contact] to help me in my job search. Please let me know if I can ever be of help to you.

#2 I just wanted to let you know that I’ve reached out to your contact about the position, I received an offer and have accepted it. I am excited about the new opportunity and will be starting work soon. Thank you for being involved and making the introduction. You were instrumental in helping me begin a new chapter of my life.

#3 Thank you for connecting me with your contact about the job opening. Unfortunately, I did not get the job. Still, the opportunity wouldn’t have existed for me were it not for your introduction. It means a lot to me that you tried to help me. Thank you again.

#4 I just came back from my interview, and I am very optimistic that I will get a formal offer. I will keep you posted, but until then, I wanted to thank you for introducing me to all the right people to make this a life-changing experience.

#5 I got the job! It would not be a reality for me if you didn’t introduce me to your contact within the company. Thank you for helping me connect the dots and getting me to the right person. I am thrilled about starting with the company, and I will never ever forget what you have done for me.

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Ways to Say Thank You for Referring Me to a Job

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