40 Thank You for the Recognition Messages (via Email or Note)

Here is a list of 40 thank you for the recognition messages to let them know that you appreciate their acknowledgment of your hard work.

#1 Thank you for remembering the anniversary of [my hire date], and for recognizing the things that I’ve accomplished here since. I’m humbled and thankful for your attention.

#2 This milestone for our company was not only a great and deserved achievement, but also a phenomenal case-in-point of our persistent success as a team. Thank you for recognizing it.

#3 I would like to thank you for letting me know of your appreciation for my performance. Although I try to give my all at work every day, I have been trying a little harder than usual recently. It feels truly amazing to have that acknowledged.

#4 When an employee is recognized by their boss due to their achievements, it is a wonderful feeling. Thank you for your recognition and kind words about [State the Achievement]. Your words mean a lot.

#5 Thank you for acknowledging the positive attitude and dedication that I try to put into my work on a daily basis. It is a great compliment to receive praise from you as a boss.

#6 Thank you for expressing your appreciation for my efforts and achievement of having brought in the most customers for the company this year. I will relentlessly continue putting in the hard work needed to keep bringing in new customers.

#7 Thank you for choosing me to be the “Employee of the Month.” This kind of recognition is as humbling as it is gratifying, and I will treat it like a title belt that needs defending every month through hard work and dedication.

#8 Thank you for recognizing my hard work when I was organizing the company event last week. It was truly a pleasure to organize and attend it.

#9 A little appreciation can go a long way with me, and I thank you for expressing your appreciation and recognition over [Achievement] that I worked so hard towards.

#10 It was a great feeling to finally attain my goal that I had been working towards for so long. It is an even better feeling now that you have acknowledged it. Thank you so much for always paying close attention to my work and recognizing my accomplishments.

#11 Thank you so much for recognizing the work that went into meeting the deadline on my project. Your appreciation inspired me to keep working hard and adding value.

#12 I didn’t realize that you knew I had accomplished the [State your Goal]. Thank you for recognizing the fulfillment of this goal, and for the additional encouragement. I appreciate it.

#13 Through the daily grind, it isn’t easy to know whether or not Management can see all the work being done. Thank you for letting me know that you can, and for acknowledging that I [State your Accomplishment].

#14 Thank you for recognizing this meaningful anniversary. It means a lot that you remembered and decided to accentuate this passage of time. I give my wholehearted thanks.

#15 Thank you for your recognition and kind words about my work ethic. To know my efforts are being appreciated makes me strive to raise the bar.

#16 Thank you so much for recognizing the extra hours that I have recently been putting into my work. I knew my hard work would not go unappreciated, and you have proven exactly that.

#17 I never thought that my boss would recognize or have kind things to say to me because of my [Positive Attitude]. Thank you for taking the time to share your appreciation. Knowing that you value my attitude makes me feel happy to work here.

#18 Thank you endlessly for naming me as the employee of the month. It is truly an honor to be worthy of this title. I will continue to do my best and hope to attain even greater accomplishments for myself and for the company.

#19 You know how hard someone has to work toward making “Employee of the Month,” which gives the title more gravity. Thank you for recognizing my effort and for this encouraging acknowledgment.

#20 Following today’s staff meeting, I would like to thank you for mentioning my hard work during it. It means a lot to me to be acknowledged by you in front of my peers. I will continue working extra hard so as not to let you down.

#21 Thank you for bringing me up at the staff meeting. I was surprised when you did and was flattered to have reached that level of recognition by Management.

#22 I would like to thank you for recognizing my unique skills and insights as a member of this diverse team. I am so glad I can be an asset to the team and will do everything in my power to continue to be a valued member.

#23 When you brought me up during the staff meeting and mentioned my accomplishments, I was taken aback, to say the least. Thank you for recognizing my successes. It makes me feel like a valued member of the team.

#24 Recognizing that I’m skilled in [Name Skill] and placing me where I’d be the most effective is a level of recognition that I appreciate. Thank you for noticing and for the encouragement.

#25 Thank you for the review that you had with me recently. I didn’t realize that it was already time for it to happen, and was pleasantly surprised by its outcome, along with your recognition and constructive feedback to improve my performance.

#26 As a boss, your recognition of our efforts as a team is beyond admirable. Thank you so much for always motivating us with your appreciation of our unique and diverse inputs in the pursuit of our common goals.

#27 I appreciate that you take my insights seriously and into consideration. Being recognized for my experience has a way of making the time it took to accumulate even more worthwhile, and I thank you.

#28 Thank you for your fantastic recognition of me so soon after I joined the team. I am already beginning to feel so accepted and appreciated here. I will continue trying to create reasons for you to be proud of me.

#29 Thank you for acknowledging my contributions to [State a Project], and for expressing your appreciation. It’s a relief to know when the boss is pleased with your work.

#30 Closing this deal was as important for me and the growth of my career as it was for the growth of the company. Thank you so much for recognizing my work and my contribution during the process of working on this deal.

#31 I have worked ever so hard for this raise and would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the recognition of my skills and attributes. I promise to continue working even harder than before.

#32 Recently, you’ve expressed appreciation over my dedication to teamwork to tackle the various challenges we face on the job. Thank you for that level of recognition and assurance that I’m on the right track.

#33 Thank you so much for recognizing my hard work and talents in the process of announcing me as the employee of the year. I hope I will exceed your expectations once again during this coming year.

#34 Though I was slightly embarrassed when you brought me up during the meeting, I deeply appreciate your having done so. Your recognition and approval make all the effort feel even more worthwhile.

#35 When you expressed to me how much of an asset you believed I was to the team, I was honored, and still am. Thank you for your recognition, and I’ll be doing my best to live up to the kind words that you said about me.

#36 This promotion is not taken without gratitude. I would like to thank you for recognizing my input to the company over the years and for granting me this opportunity to move onto positions of more responsibility from here on out.

#37 Although it was a pleasure to be of help, thank you so much for expressing your appreciation for me coming in on the weekends to help out. I truly feel valued as a member of the company as a result of your recognition.

#38 By telling me that you recognize the effort that I’m putting into the business, I no longer feel like a number, but rather a valued employee and member of the team. Thank you for giving me a positive and encouraging perspective.

#39 Thank you for recognizing my accomplishments in a meaningful way. Things like that inspire me to go the extra mile, while at the same time lends a feeling of being appreciated. Thank you.

#40 Thank you for having such an eagle eye for my accomplishments and contributions to the team. You never fail to recognize them.

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Thank You for the Recognition Messages

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