31 Eye-Catching Waitress Resume Objective Statement Examples

One of the first (and most common) jobs people get is a waitress or waiter at a restaurant. We all have some idea of the basic duties of wait staff: taking people’s orders and relaying them to the kitchen staff, bringing meals to tables, and collecting payment. Some restaurants may also use their wait staff to bus and clean tables or to seat customers as they enter the restaurant. However, just because the position is relatively common does not mean you can skip the interview process altogether. Becoming part of some restaurant teams can be just as competitive as other types of positions.

When you turn in your resume to apply for a waiter/waitress job, here are some sample objectives statements you can use and customize to make a big impact with the hiring manager.

Experienced Waiter or Waitress Objective Statements

  • Cheerful and conscientious server applying to the Blackened Bleu restaurant team, with four years of experience in front-of-house serving and hosting with various restaurant chains.
  • Experienced server with six years spent at various fast-casual and formal restaurant chains, including two years as shift manager and closer on weekends.
  • Looking to become an invaluable part of the wait staff, with three years’ experience in minimizing order errors and increasing efficiency from order placement to delivery, consistently high marks from previous managers.
  • Hoping to join the Monday Morning serving team, able to work breakfast and brunch hours all week, including weekends, featuring three years of experience with the brunch crowd.
  • Server with eight years of experience and progressive responsibility applying to the wait staff, able to take orders quickly and accurately and provide excellent customer service.
  • To obtain a position with the wait staff, featuring 13 years of experience and thousands of satisfied and loyal customers.
  • Team player with four years of customer satisfaction and high marks on quick and accurate service looking to join the Global Eats Grill wait staff.
  • Looking to move into formal dining from a family restaurant setting, eight years of experience in managing multiple orders and tables, knowledgeable closer, willing to satisfy all customers.
  • Ten years of experience in providing quality table service to all customers, looking to advance to shift manager of the wait staff.
  • Hoping to join the Kennrick’s Bar & Grill family on the wait staff, bringing seven years of experience with high accuracy and customer satisfaction, also two years of experience with tending bar.
  • Offering a dynamic personality and strong memory with changing menu options, plus two years of experience working nights and weekends as well as gameday shifts.
  • Looking for the next career chapter, with 13 years combined experience in the hospitality industry, including six years in high-volume wait staff work.
  • Reliable and trustworthy shift manager looking to join the Glass Barrel wait staff team, four years of experience leading shift teams to highly satisfied customers.
  • Bringing eight years of experience in fast-casual and formal dining, great with families and large groups, able to satisfy repeat customers and newcomers alike.

Entry-Level Waiter or Waitress Objective Statements

  • Seeking first job as a member of the wait staff at Calligan’s, able to take orders accurately and quickly multitask between multiple tables and orders.
  • Great memory and quick thinker, able to memorize and repeat specials based on changing menus, hoping to become the next member of the wait staff.
  • Seeking first job on the wait staff and hoping to gain professional experience, able to work nights and weekends as needed.
  • Looking for frontline experience in the foodservice industry to support undergraduate studies in Hospitality and Restaurant Management.
  • Looking to join Jack Harrison’s family as a member of the house staff, able to provide cheerful service to all customers and submit and process all orders quickly and accurately.
  • Seeking professional experience through my first job, hoping to become a member of the wait staff and provide excellent customer service through correct orders and quick service.
  • Seeking a summer job on the wait staff to gain professional experience, able to work any shift except Sundays, focused on excellent customer service.
  • To gain professional experience to complement Restaurant Management degree, able to provide cheerful and friendly customer service to all patrons, looking for a long-term engagement to gain as much experience as possible.
  • Looking for a summer job with the Perennials Deli as part of the wait staff, hoping to support small and local businesses through friendly service and delicious food.
  • Seeking first job as part of the wait staff at Terry’s Chicken Shack, able to multitask and manage time well, which will help with fast-paced service environment.
  • Hoping to begin a career in the foodservice industry, applying to join the wait staff with the goal of moving into franchise leadership.
  • Applying for first food service position, hoping to gain valuable experience and get to know customers to provide top-tier service.
  • Friendly and capable candidate hoping to give back to the community as part of the Vinelands’ wait staff team and be a part of this community fixture by providing friendly service to all patrons.
  • Applying for first job and hoping to join the wait staff at a fast-casual or formal dining setting, able to take orders quickly and efficiently, willing to provide friendly and cheerful service to all guests.

Career Change Waiter/Waitress Objective Statements

  • Three years’ experience in retail, hoping to move into the restaurant business as part of the wait staff at Next Level Dining, high marks on customer satisfaction, and leadership skills in the workplace.
  • To move into food service after spending the past year tending bar at numerous local restaurants, willing to leverage customer relationships to secure consistent repeat visits among patrons.
  • Skilled multitasker with four years of retail experience in a tourist setting looking for the next chapter in food service, able to fulfill customer requests quickly and cheerfully and willing to work nights and weekends as needed.

Good luck with your job search. We hope these resume objective statements help you land the job you want!


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