33 Impressive IT Objective Resume Statement Examples

Information technology is a thriving field, and highly qualified job candidates are in strong demand. With the number of positions growing and the applicant pool growing even faster, you need to do everything you can to make your resume stand out from the competition. One easy and effective way to do that is with a strong objective statement, a quick summary sentence at the top of your resume that outlines your goals and intentions in an easy-to-read format.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out in the field, here are some sample objective statements you can tailor for your own resume.

Experienced IT Objective Statements

  • Experienced IT professional possessing a thorough and methodical approach to tech troubleshooting seeking new position in database management, eight years of progressive experience in data security and records management.
  • To obtain a position within the Web Content Management team at World Wide Websites, hoping to continue to grow from existing four years of experience with user interface design and backend content management.
    Seeking connection with a thriving and energetic IT management firm, possessing six years of experience with network development and telecommunications.
  • Hoping to take the next step in an IT career dedicated to providing excellent customer service and network care, willing to bring 14 years of prior experience troubleshooting major technical and network issues to bear.
  • IT professional specializing in database security and management, with two years of experience managing multiple clients and continually learning the latest trends in security and database architecture.
  • Licensed and certified industry professional willing to leverage five years of experience in a new role with the One Byte at a Time team, published in industry trade journals and recognized at national data management conferences for work in network security.
  • Dedicated and talented professional with cast knowledge of information systems management, possessing 12 years of relevant industry experience plus a recent doctoral degree in Information Architecture.
  • Looking to join the Web Design and Management team as an IT Specialist in the Harbour Court Tech Support family, with industry training in Agile project management and information security.
  • Freelance website developer looking for the next step in a successful IT career, with three years of experience developing end-to-end solutions for personal and business customers, including full e-commerce implementation and data security protocols.
  • Creative and passionate web developer with six years of technical experience hoping to advance a thriving career, seeking to make a positive impact for area businesses and community leaders.
  • Fifteen years’ experience in providing reliable technology solutions for numerous small and medium businesses, hoping to continue growing the reputation of Clear Line of Sight Technology Solutions in the local community as Senior Technology Manager.
  • Looking to advance after eight years of progressive learning and experience in information technology, specializing in data management and security as a Database Administrator, seeking to enter the Data Mining Department of Clairvoyant Insights.
  • Hoping to provide quality support and equipment to all departments as a Technology Solutions Professional, boasting nine years of experience with staff troubleshooting and network hardware implementation.
  • Seeking transition to a small IT company after one year in tech service department of large regional corporation, hoping to bring a personal touch to technology service and solutions for all employees.
  • To become Penn Callison & Harcourt’s newest IT Administrator, with seven years of experience in maintaining business networks with a proven record of zero data breaches and consistent uptimes with access to sensitive company and team documents.

Entry-Level IT Objective Statements

  • Recently completed major industry certifications in programming and database management, hoping to become a Technology Services Trainee with Network Depot Services.
  • Recent graduate of Information and Communication Technology undergraduate program, looking for real-world experience in coursework focused on Web Design and Content Marketing.
  • Looking to bring strong attention to detail and commitment to timely delivery to a position in the IT Services department, willing to work nights and weekends based on service scheduling needs.
  • Thoughtful and attentive professional hoping to gain valuable experience with the High Tower Tech team as a Network Administrator, hoping to transition to a full-time position in maintaining corporate network access for all departments and teams.
  • Data management service tech seeking to join the IT support team in a full-time capacity, intensive knowledge of data management needs and willingness to work on-call as needed.
  • Recently graduated with Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and Project Management, seeking employment as a Data Security Manager to improve network access quality and integrity of valuable customer data.
  • To gain invaluable experience from established industry leaders at the Up and Running Solutions team while completing degree in Database Management and pursuing relevant industry certifications.
  • Aspiring technology professional with a desire to learn and hone skills, seeking full-time employment in database management or content management with the opportunity to service multiple client accounts.
  • Excited to contribute to the success of Ballinger Technologies as the next Information and Network Security Tech team member, with recent industry certifications in Network Security and Telecom Programming.
  • Conscientious professional with extensive customer service experience looking to continue providing quality technology solutions, willing to go the extra mile to wow customers with timely and friendly service.
  • Committed to advancing the tech services sector in the Carrollton community as an IT professional, looking to join a firm that offers quick and friendly services to businesses in the Holton County area.
  • Looking to bring advanced organization and technology solutions to businesses that need database and content management services, knowledgeable about relevant CRM solutions and systems.
  • Aspiring IT professional looking for full-time employment in Website Design and Management, knowledgeable in numerous coding and design languages and able to customize existing platforms to suit client needs.
  • Knowledgeable and passionate tech professional seeking full-time employment with Glass Door Technologies, committed to excellence in the field of Telecommunications and Network Security.
  • Seeking real-world experience after completing a Bachelor’s degree while continuing education for a Master’s degree in Information Security Technology, hoping to implement theories in practical settings while providing quality customer service.

Career Change IT Objective Statements

  • Website designer with ten years of growing experience in backend development looking to transition full-time to a social media programming role, with full knowledge of data security and infrastructure requirements for an effective online media platform.
  • To enter a management-level position after amassing 16 years of valuable frontline knowledge and experience in data management and security, hoping to lead teams and manage specialists in the most effective ways to suit client needs.
  • Transitioning from executive management of a technology supply company to a Technology Services role in Barrett’s Technology Solutions, hoping to bring quality technology solutions to 20 years’ worth of valuable client relationships.

These objective statements are perfect for any IT professional. Just add in your own experience, and you’re good to go!


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