What is Colin Cowherd’s Salary

Born on January 6, 1964, Colin Cowherd is a popular host of the ESPN’s and ESPNU’s The Herd with Colin Cowherd. Cowherd is also the former co-host of a show entitled SportsNation on ESPN2 in which he is working with Michelle Beadle and later on with Charissa Thompson.

With the popularity of the host, there are more and more people who are asking the same question, what is Colin Cowherd’s salary? Colin is a host on the sports radio show in which he was gaining the average net worth of around $12 million. The host has obtained his net worth with his career in the radio being the host and sports anchor on the program known as “A Guys Take on Baseball”. As mentioned earlier, he is also the host of his own show that is known as The Herd with Colin Cowherd and being the co-host in the Sports Nation on ESPN2. The host was born within Bay Center, Washington during the year 1964.

Colin Cowherd in His Career

Colin Cowherd lived and grew up within Grayland, Washington. He also attended school in the popular Eastern Washington University. Cowherd has started his career being the play by play voice for the Las Vegas Stars of the Pacific Coast League. Eventually, he turned out to be the sports director of KVBC-TV within Las Vegas, Nevada. It is also where Colin was named as Nevada’s Sportscaster of the Year for five times. Furthermore, Colin Cowherd has also served being the sports anchor on weekends at WTVT-TV, which is well known in Tampa, Florida.

It was in year 1996 when Colin has moved going to Portland, Oregon, where he chose to spend almost 2 long years to teach trigonometry at the local high school. Colin also even managed to work as the sports anchorman at KGW-TV. During the year 2001, The Herd, which is Colin’s show, has been moved from the afternoon timeslot on KFXX, an all-sports radio into a morning drive time.

Views of Cowherd

Colin Cowherd has identified himself as socially liberal and fiscally conservative. Some time ago, he has also criticized the more drastic groups on the spectrum of politics. When it comes to the subject of religion, Colin has compared negatively the sports fanaticism to the religious hysteria. In this way, he has identified himself on the radio show as “essentially agnostic”. He said that he does not appreciate people who promote religious views via sports and so comparable to the separation of state and church, athletes must be judged based on their talents and not on their beliefs.

During a referee strike in NFL, Cowherd has mentioned repeatedly how he is “anti union” and sense that most successful individuals are not getting any benefit from the unions. He even further stated that unions guard the ones who are not as worthy to the organization.

Cowherd does not also believe within salary caps. He even thinks that professional sports can become more successful once they are operated in the same way as the capitalistic structure of a free market.

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