Women Discriminating Against Women in the Workplace

The sex discrimination act was first passed in 1975 and a lot of change has taken place in the workplace since this legislation went into action. However, there is still discrimination evident in the workplace and some of that can be attributed to women discriminating against women. This is due to the fact that there are still so few women in management positions in comparison to men. This has led to the issue of whether women are actually discriminating against themselves. Even with the passing of sex discrimination legislation there has still been little equality movement made at the very top of business. It is an issue that keeps growing and no real fix has been found.

Less Women in the Boardroom

Many of the senior level industry jobs are held by men and it is becoming a major issue. Women that have the same skills and work experience are not being considered from certain positions of power in the workplace. New research suggests that the few women that do make it to senior industry positions are even more discriminatory than men against women. This is due to eth acknowledgement that few women reach positions of power in the workplace and that competition among women for these positions is fierce. Recent studies done on the imbalance of power actually indicate that a good mix of men and women on boards allows for better collaboration, more creative ideas and effective solutions.

What is the Cause?

The only way to find out what is causing discrimination against women in the workplace is to look at the deeper issues. Research done on discrimination against women in the workplace has raised some interesting points. Men have been identified as being chauvinistic at times and failing to recruit women for positions of authority, but women in positions of power have also been discriminating against other women. Some females did not want to work with other females. This seems hard to believe, but it has been identified as one of the major reasons for why discrimination against women is still visible in the workplace.

What Can Be Done?

Getting rid of discrimination is the workplace altogether is not very realistic. However, it should be plausible to expect women to be more recognized in positions of power in the workplace. Fighting for the rights of women begins with changing the opinions of some women with senior industry positions.

Gender Wage Gap

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