75 Best Performance Review Phrases for Communication

Rating your employees’ communication skills is important so they know where they stand. Communication is the key to a successful business. Letting your employees know what they do right and what could use improvement may help your company’s bottom line.

Check out the top 75 review phrases for communication to get your reviews started.

Excels at Communication

  • Danny keeps everyone on his team and fellow teams in the loop so everyone knows what’s going on.
  • Ally keeps great written notes of all steps and questions during a project so that she can share the information at all staff meetings.
  • Jennifer isn’t afraid to ask anyone any questions as they pertain to the company projects. She will go above and beyond to get answers to make sure she delivers quality work.
  • Ava connects well with everyone in the company. She walks into the room and everyone wants to talk to her, making her a great resource for the company.
  • Tom communicates clearly with each of his subordinates so that they always know what is expected of them and they deliver quality work as a result.
  • Taryn is great at communicating with customers and getting to the root of the problem even when the customer can’t communicate the issue clearly.
  • Steve helps all employees, even those not on his team figure out the problem and communicate it for them if they are unable to do so, which helps the company’s productivity.
  • Maddie ensures that every employee understands the goals of a specific project, answers questions, and always follows up to ensure that everyone is still on the same page.
  • Emily always follows up with customers to make sure they are 100% happy with the product/service and asks if there is any way she can make things better.
  • John doesn’t just talk – he listens, which is the key component of an amazing communicator. John takes the time to understand what the other person is saying and determines how he can help.
  • Tara is great at delivering even the most difficult messages. Many employees turn to her when they are unable to deliver the message clearly. She either helps them deliver it or does it for them
  • Bryan is a natural communicator. We never have to ask him more questions – he delivers the necessary information the first time.
  • Janice is great at facilitating conversations with team members that bring out ideas and even problems that need solving. She is a born leader.
  • Mike handles all confrontational communication with ease. He doesn’t get flustered and can easily calm the person’s nerves, ensuring a positive conversation.
  • Harry is great at explaining even the most difficult concepts so that everyone can understand them.

Goes Beyond the Company’s Requirements

  • Pam gets along with every team member even those on other teams. She communicates fluidly with each one, ensuring a job well done company-wide.
  • Angie makes it easy to communicate with her. Even during stressful situations, she has a pleasant smile on her face, making it easy to get through the problem with ease.
  • Emily breaks down even the most complex technical conversations to layman’s terms during meetings so that everyone understands and is on the same page.
  • Isabella encourages all of her team members to share their thoughts at staff meetings even though they would all prefer that she did it herself. She wants everyone to be a part of the team.
  • Jake always welcomes new employees, taking them under his wing and showing them the ropes. He wants to make sure each employee feels comfortable at communicating at all times.
  • Kate is a born leader. She regularly calls team meetings and facilitates them so that everyone feels like they have a say in what’s going on.
  • Larry is great at written communication. His customers and vendors always praise his communication and way with words that makes everyone feel at ease.
  • London is always on top of the vendor communication, knowing ahead of time when there’s a problem and communicating solutions when they do come up.
  • Kari is great at writing reports and sharing them at team meetings. Her reports are straight to the point, yet informative so that everyone knows what is going on.
  • Patty is the go-between with all employees. She ensures everyone knows what is going on and explains it if someone isn’t aware of the latest information.
  • Jodi is the go-to person in the company that always knows what other employees are thinking or what they need to know and she is great at communicating it.
  • Kevin easily gets up in front of the staff and reports what is going on and answers questions with ease.
  • Steven doesn’t have a problem talking to management, asking questions, or answering to the problems that they bring up, even in front of others.
  • Jen easily communicates with everyone on the team, even those that may not agree with her viewpoints.
  • Justin knows how to keep a crowd engaged, whether it’s staff, employees, or vendors.

Does What’s Expected Regarding Communication

  • Jen keeps all team members informed of important information, and asks questions whenever necessary.
  • Mark communicates well with every employee, even those he may not necessarily get along with, he always communicates the necessary information.
  • Brianna communicates well with just about every employee. She tells them the necessary information but doesn’t talk too much so that it takes up time.
  • Mike has worked well on his communication skills, improving the areas that needed improving, and now he can talk to anyone in the company clearly about company goals.
  • Anna gets along well with people in every division, communicating with them effectively when necessary.
  • Angie knows how to break the ice in meetings, especially when it’s all new vendors or clients in the room.
  • Bella encourages all employees to share their ideas at staff meetings rather than being the spokesperson for everyone.
  • Claire communicates well with everyone on her team, even if she doesn’t necessarily get along with them.
  • Dan always has a great attitude which makes it easy to talk to him about anything.
  • David puts together clear presentations for staff and client meetings.
  • Harrold speaks clearly and easily in front of others, which is great for team meetings.
  • Mary is always friendly to all employees across the entire company.
  • Mark always has a pleasant attitude when representing the company, whether inside our company walls or outside when speaking with others.
  • Pat makes it easy to understand even the most difficult concepts when explaining it to co-workers or at staff meetings.
  • Sammy communicates well in both written and verbal communication.

Doesn’t Meet Company Expectations

  • Jack doesn’t take criticism well and it shows in his communication or lack of communication with others.
  • Amy doesn’t like to talk to others, she would rather keep to herself, which makes teamwork difficult.
  • Nick doesn’t like to talk to others. He will only talk to his superiors.
  • Emmie doesn’t tell her teammates what’s going on with her part of the project often enough.
  • Pat doesn’t communicate with others because he doesn’t feel it’s necessary as long as he does his job.
  • Rob takes on all of the responsibility and refuses to ask for help.
  • Mary doesn’t let others help her, telling them she’d rather do it herself than have conversations.
  • Nolan doesn’t understand how to ask for help, so he ends up overwhelming himself.
  • Elizabeth doesn’t communicate her needs to the team very effectively.
  • Dan doesn’t understand how to talk to customers when they are upset and/or have a problem.
  • Pam needs to work on her ability to deliver speeches at team meetings.
  • Bryan needs to work on his written report communication – they are often hard to understand.
  • Anna needs to include her teammates in decisions more often. She likes to keep the information to herself too often.
  • Jake doesn’t like collaborating with his team members which hurts the company’s bottom line.
  • Hank doesn’t work well with others.

Communication Skills Hurt the Company’s Productivity and Bottom Line

  • John does not work well with others because he does not communicate at all.
  • Jack can’t stand in front of the team and give his ideas; this hurts the team’s abilities to complete the work.
  • Mary blatantly does not communicate or cooperate with others.
  • Kathy ignores others’ ideas when they are presented to her.
  • Steven doesn’t want to work with others and it shows in his attitude.
  • Karrie needs to work on her written communications. They are too short and often miss the point.
  • Jen needs to work on asking questions when she doesn’t understand a project.
  • Brandon refuses to work with others, only focusing on his work and not communicating where he’s at with it.
  • William doesn’t communicate with others unless he has to – it hurts the company’s productivity.
  • Sherry likes to work on her own, which doesn’t work well within the company’s environment.
  • Jack has little patience when communicating with employees.
  • Jane needs to take the time to talk to others. Instead, she rushes through her work to get it done.
  • Justin doesn’t talk at team meetings so no one knows his status.
  • Caryn doesn’t ask for help when she needs it and instead turns in less than optimal work.
  • David is disrespectful to employees and management.

Use these constructive review phrases to help your employees know where they can improve. No one is perfect and hearing it in a constructive way can help your employees perform better.

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