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Wayne Pacelle Salary

Wayne Pacelle Salary

Wayne Pacelle is the CEO and President of the Humane Society of the United States, or HSUS. Pacelle served for almost 10 years as the chief spokesman and lobbyist for the organization before assuming the leadership role. According to information published in 2017, Pacelle is currently earning a salary of $392,017 per year. Pacelle joined HSUS in 1994. He has been an integral part of passing dozens... »

Boers and Bernstein Salary

Boers and Bernstein Salary

Pairing on the radio for the first time in 199, Terry Boers and Dan Bernstein dominated Chicago radio for more than a decade. They were first given a 4-hour morning slot, then a 4-hour afternoon slot, before their 1pm to 6pm slot was finalized in 2009. Their final show aired on December 22, 2016 after Boers’ decision to retire. Because they are no longer employees of the radio station, the Boers a... »

Danielle Monaro Salary

Danielle Monaro Salary

Danielle Monaro was born in The Bronx and has lived in New York City for much of her life. She graduated from St. John’s University in 1995 and moved into an internship at the Top 40 outlet Z100 in the city soon after. Her tenure at the station included work as the co-host of the station’s morning show, Elvis Duran and the Morning Show. Monaro was responsible for the Entertainment Minute and the s... »


Rich Froning Salary

Rich Froning is an American professional CrossFit athlete who is best known for his achievements in the CrossFit Games in consecutive years beginning 2010, through 2014. During four of these years (2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014) Froning became the very first person to be named the “Fittest Man On Earth” for four years running – an achievement surprisingly achieved through unconventi... »


MTA Train Conductor Salary

The transit system in the city of New York is among the most important in the entire planet. Not only is it incredibly important, but there is something unique about it in terms of how it is constructed. The trained MTA personnel are so well-trained that they are all capable of operating any and all facets of the system, especially in a manner that commands a high pay-grade. if you’re someon... »


13 Funny Colder Than Sayings

You do not need to be in Antarctica to feel like you are living in it at times. How many ways can you creatively explain just how cold it feels to you today. Here are some funny colder than sayings that will tickle your funny bone. “Cold as blixen.” “Colder than a banker’s heart on foreclosure day at the widows’ and orphans’ home.” “Colder than a bra... »


23 Good Caregiver Sayings

Caregivers are an important part of delivering a positive quality of life to people towards the latter and ending days of one’s life. It is a difficult role to fill and requires a lot of commitment and patience. To pay homage to these individuals, here are some good caregiver sayings to keep you motivated and encouraged. “A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anythin... »


42 Best Bartender Sayings

A bartender is a person that creates and serves alcoholic drinks. Known also as a mixologist, there is a rich history in the world of bartenders. Here are some great bartender sayings to inspire you. “A bartender is just a pharmacist with a limited inventory.” “A good writer is not, per se, a good book critic. No more so than a good drunk is automatically a good bartender.”... »


27 Great Aviation Sayings

Aviation has brought us into a global world and new dynamic in how we view things. No longer do we spend our whole life in a town. We can travel the world in just hours and explore new cultures and historic places. To pay homage to the beautiful art of aeronautics and its continued development, here is a look at some great aviation sayings. “A good landing is one you walk away from.” &... »


23 Good Army Ranger Sayings

The Army Rangers are known to be one of the most elite forces in the Army and United States military in itself. With many ways to describe this elite force, here are some of the best Army Ranger sayings ever used to describe the individuals that serve and their overall mission. Anything, Anytime, Anywhere Army of One Army Strong Assured Support Be All You Can Be Death Waits in the Dark Duty, Honor... »

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