25 Good Corporate Christmas Card Sayings

Christmas is considered the season of giving. This is no different with your employees. Showing a form of appreciation and gratitude for the work they perform throughout the year on Christmas offers just one way to say thanks. Here are some good corporate Christmas card sayings you can use to send out a personalized holiday card. At the close of another year we gratefully pause to wish you a warm ... »


23 Best Christmas Card Blessings Sayings

Christmas is a special and magical time of year. From bright lights to hanging ornaments, here is a look at some of the best Christmas card blessing sayings to share during this holiday season. Family and Friends are a wonderful part of Christmas. May all the joys of Christmas fill your heart throughout the New Year. May the spirit of Christmas be with you throughout the New Year. May you have the... »


22 Great Cheesy Valentines Day Sayings For Cards

Valentine’s Day is a special day for couples to celebrate and share in their love, laughter, and time together. To let your partner and loved one know how much they mean to you on this special day, here is a look at some of the best Valentines Day sayings for cards. A day without you in my life should never come and even if it does, let that be the last day of my life. A day without you is a... »


27 Good Business Holiday Greeting Card Sayings

The holidays is the perfect time of year to bring everyone together. Whether you are throwing a party together with family or having a corporate event, here is a look at some of the best business holiday greeting card sayings to use during this year’s festive event. At the close of another year, we gratefully pause to wish you a warm and happy Holiday Season and a peaceful and prosperous New... »


36 Best Birthday Card Sayings for Grandpa

Grandfathers have a special relationship with their grandkids. From filling their lives with their invaluable wisdom to offering many instances of spoiling and fun, find a special way to let your grandfather know you love them on their birthday. Here are some great examples of birthday card sayings for grandpa you can communicate to him on his special day. “A cup of coffee with you every wee... »


20 Great Biblical Christmas Card Sayings

Christmas is a Christian holiday based on celebrating the nativity of Jesus Christ. Based on the scripture of the Lord, there is no better way to celebrating the holiday than in reciting some of these great biblical Christmas card sayings. 2 Corinthians 9:15 (KJV) Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift. Acts 5:31 Him hath God exalted with his right hand to be a Prince and a Saviour, for to gi... »


36 Good Belated Birthday Card Sayings

It is never to late to let your friend or loved one know that you wish them a happy birthday. Even if you are a little behind on your schedule, here are some good examples of belated birthday card sayings you can use to let them know you still care. “A late birthday card is a lot like a bill from the doctor. Both tell you that you are getting older and both are a big surprise” “A... »


44 Best 50th Birthday Sayings for Cards

For many, turning 50 can feel like your life is going to end. It is a huge milestone to make it through and leaves you at a moment to reflect upon your life and the path to which you are pursuing forward on. If you would like to wish someone happy birthday that is turning 50, here are some great examples of 50th birthday sayings for cards you can share. “50 is pretty much prehistoric. But at... »


30 Great 2nd Birthday Card Sayings

Having a child that turns two means that their age stops being referred to by months. Entering into toddler hood brings about a new set of challenges. From potty training to a walking child you have to keep up with, here is a look at some of the best 2nd birthday card sayings that capture these wondrous years. “A happy and joyful life to you, little birthday boy. May you live to see a 102.&#... »


41 Good 21st Birthday Sayings for Cards

Turning 21 is one of the last big milestones to hit as a young adolescent. From turning a legal age to drink to finding yourself grow into a new era of experiences and adulthood, here is a look at some of the best 21st birthday sayings for cards. “Age increase does not necessarily mean one is growing old. It’s another meaning of ripening and therefore getting better. Congrats for making it 2... »

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