33 Eye-Grabbing Reception Resume Objectives Statement Examples

If you are trying to land a job as a receptionist, you have probably noticed that the competition is quite tough. The good news is that 90% of your goal has been achieved if you can draft a great objective statement and get the recruiter to read your resume. Whether you are applying for an entry-level or senior position, whether you have years of experience or no experience at all, this post will help you craft an objective statement that gets your resume seen.

Here are some examples of great receptionist objective statements that are sure to get you noticed.

Experienced Reception Objective Statements

  • Enthusiastic and dedicated receptionist with a B.A. in Customer Service and three years’ experience in front of office at a large corporation would like to bring unmatched organizational skills and excellent telephone etiquette to help the company grow.
  • Applying for position of Receptionist at BR Rising, to maintain the office and reception desk to the highest standards and ensure effective communication between all stakeholders, bringing five years’ receptionist experience in busy corporate lawyers’ offices to new company.
  • People-loving team player with a winning smile and can-do attitude seeking a receptionist position, bringing four years of experience, advanced computer efficiencies in Microsoft Office products, unbeatable work ethic, and a high standard of personal presentation.
  • College-educated and versatile receptionist with reliable, detail-oriented personality, seeking to oversee daily operations in the role of a receptionist, bringing strong office support skills, proven project management ability, and two years’ administrative experience to the role.
  • Seeking employment as Receptionist at Clothing Capital, with eight years’ experience in the fashion industry and a B.A. in English to benefit the company. Impeccable telephonic manner, business etiquette, bookings management experience and ability to relate to people.
  • Team player with three years’ experience as an office receptionist in the interior design industry, proficiency in MS Office, with excellent verbal and written communication skills would like to apply for Receptionist position to effectively fulfill all responsibilities.
  • Bright and motivated self-starter seeking a receptionist position, coming with excellent communication skills, ability to multi-task and work under pressure, 70 wpm typing skills, outgoing personality and unparalleled work ethic.
  • To secure a Receptionist position at Life Boutique Ltd., to use positive personality and three years’ experience in a fast-paced customer service environment, to process all correspondence and maintain a friendly, neat office appearance.
  • Devoted and proactive individual would like to fulfill the duties of receptionist, with four years’ proven front-office experience and ability to work flexible hours. Takes pride in greeting customers and enjoys managing inventory and supplies.
  • To obtain a full-time position as Receptionist at Invest Grow, bringing 12 years’ experience in hospitality reception and exceptional ability to coordinate, communicate, and perform office tasks with excellence.
  • Former front desk receptionist at Tribal Mark with seven years’ experience, seeking to build career in the role of a receptionist. Dependable person with great people skills and ability to multitask. Proficient in Excel and fast learner on computers.
  • Exceptional receptionist with five years’ experience managing calls, correspondence, and maintaining the office. Offering B.A. in Theatre to the benefit of W&G Building. Fast learner with customer-orientation and ability to work unattended.
  • Seeking Receptionist position, bringing three years’ administrative and customer service experience to the role. Proficiency in Microsoft Office, with strong verbal and written communication skills, attention to detail, and well-groomed, professional appearance.
  • To deliver exceptional performance as the Receptionist at VTC Hotels, using meticulous organizational ability and clear communication skills to maintain an energetic and welcoming atmosphere while assisting guests. Proven two years’ experience in a dual role as host and receptionist.
  • Applying for Receptionist position where eight years’ experience in the art industry can be an asset to the gallery. Dependable personality can be trusted to handle all sales, promote the company image, and maintain a sophisticated working environment.
  • Self-motivated and independent individual with B.A. in Art History, seeking Receptionist position at TopConcierge, bringing two years’ experience serving the public in the hospitality industry. Possesses exceptional ability to prioritize, with good judgment and strong computer skills.

Entry-Level Reception Objective Statements

  • To obtain a receptionist position at a law firm, bringing administrative skills and B.A. in Legal Services to ensure the effective operations of the office. Firm is ensured exceptional customer service skills, a professional appearance, and superior business etiquette.
  • Looking to fulfill the Receptionist role at TDA Club. Recently qualified hospitality graduate with strong communication skills, detail-oriented, and ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment. Knowledge of hospitality software and flexible schedule.
  • Friendly, inviting and professional team player seeking a receptionist position, bringing high school degree, strong organizational and administrative skills, attention to detail, a commitment to customer service and the highest integrity.
  • Animal-lover with strong administrative skills seeking to work as a receptionist at an animal hospital. Will ensure that customers are at ease and use exceptional organizational skills to maintain inventory, keep ledgers up to date, and manage telephonic system.
  • Polished individual with strong customer focus and can-do attitude is looking to fill the Reception position at Motor Inc. To utilize exceptional knowledge of Microsoft products and strong organizational skills to fulfill all administrative functions.
  • Seeking employment as a Receptionist to enhance the front desk operations. Exceptional knowledge of prevalent computer software and office hardware. Acute attention to detail accompanied by a physically fit physique, able to carry heavy boxes.
  • Senior-year LLM in Administrative Law student at ARM University (current GPA: 3.4), looking to join Spencer Law as a Receptionist, leveraging legal knowledge, multitasking skills, and customer service abilities to benefit the firm.
  • Looking to join a corporate organization in the role of receptionist, to incorporate extensive knowledge of business administration and positive attitude to help the company maintain effective records and deliver high levels of customer service.
  • Recent recipient of B.A. in Legal Administration has a strong desire to succeed in the role of Receptionist at Opperman Attorneys, bringing exceptional telephone manner, ability to prioritize, and affinity for high volumes of paperwork to the position.
  • Professional person with friendly personality, strong business etiquette, and extensive knowledge of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and MS Outlook, seeking employment as a receptionist to help the company maintain optimal levels of organizational accuracy by coordinating information between departments.
  • Senior-year Human Resources student at XYZ University (current GPA: 3.4), seeking employment at FL Personnel in Receptionist role. Bringing positive attitude, administrative skill set, and strong desire to be helpful to my coworkers.
  • Dynamic individual with organizational and customer service skills, strong ability to communicate, and proficiency in computers, applying for receptionist position to leverage can-do attitude and talent for multitasking to manage the front desk.
  • Looking to use logic and initiative, to work independently as a Receptionist at Flo Boutique. Bringing ability to work under pressure, attention to detail, and computer skills to the role. Able to work overtime and weekends.
  • To obtain the position of receptionist and grow with the company, utilizing exceptional telephonic skills and friendly personality to build and maintain customer relationships. Efficient at preparing reports, managing calendar responsibilities, catering requirements, and travel arrangements.
  • Well-groomed female seeking Receptionist position at Vermara Corporation, to serve as the face of the company by liaising with clients in a professional manner. Bringing excellent people skills and proactive attitude to the position.

Career Change Reception Objective Statements

  • Dependable individual with four years’ sales experience would like to leverage people skills, organizational ability, and customer focus to enhance the running of the front desk in the role of receptionist. Ability to work well under pressure in a fast-paced environment.
  • Accomplished medical rep with over five years’ experience and extensive health knowledge, applying for Receptionist position at DocRus, to leverage customer service approach to enhance client relationships. Proven track record maintaining high volumes of files with accuracy.

As you can see from the examples above, when crafting an objective statement you should focus on what the company is looking for, and state that you meet those needs. There are many different types of qualities that receptionists can have, and different companies need different types of receptionists, so pay close attention to the job and qualification requirements. A great objective statement should bridge the gap between your strengths and personality and what the position entails. If you can do that effectively, you are almost assured an interview and a real shot at landing that receptionist job.


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