33 Best Social Work Resume Objectives Statement Examples

Securing a satisfying role as a social worker can be difficult, even for applicants who have a degree and years of experience. That’s because there are many qualities that recruiters are looking for on a resume beyond a degree or experience. The secret to ensuring that your application stands out above the rest is to tailor your objective statement to meet the requirements of the job.

Below are a variety of examples of objectives statements for social worker roles to guide you in writing your own:

Experienced Social Work Objective Statements

  • Experienced social worker, meeting all state certification and licensing requirements, bringing three years’ experience, to assist the company in developing effective partnerships with community resources, and improving the lives of others.
  • Certified individual with five years’ experience in group counseling, looking to fill Social Worker position at LM Uni, to provide clinical services, outreach and consultation services, with driven personality to assist with collaboration between stakeholders and advocate for marginalized people.
  • To fill the role of social worker, bringing four years’ case management experience and a MSW degree, passionate about mental health and ensuring people have the resources and support required. Available after-hours and on weekends, as needed.
  • Licensed clinical social worker bringing 12 years’ professional experience to the role of Social Worker at IGLI Health, affinity for psychosocial assessments, and ability to conduct effective social service interventions.
  • Passion for providing high-quality patient care and four years’ experience in psychiatric social work, seeking the role of social worker in clinical department, bringing extensive knowledge of CA LPS regulations to assist the department in following correct protocols.
  • Ambitious social worker looking to improve the lives of the community by advocating on behalf of residents in the position of Social Worker at Smartens, bringing three years’ experience with persons with disabilities and a BSW degree.
  • Kind-hearted individual with a desire to affect positive patient and family outcomes is applying for position as social worker to assist the victims of violent crime and their relatives, passionate about therapy and education, with a MSW degree from Telco University.
  • Rehabilitation expert with nine years’ experience would like to join BM Wellbeing in the capacity of Social Worker, to leverage extensive knowledge of regulations that govern nursing care facilities, and a passion for improving the lives of others.
  • Motivated social worker with four years’ experience at a dialysis center and proven counseling skills applying for position of social worker to help a dynamic team of professionals enhance the patient support system.
  • To secure the role of Social Worker at SDA Retail to utilize excellent organizational and communication skills to improve the coordination of services to members, bringing five years’ experience in developing medical management programs.
  • Applying for position of social worker to provide effective patient care and perform evaluations to psychiatric patients, relying on three years’ experience, Master’s Degree in Social Work, and proven track record conducting psychiatric assessments.
  • To use eight years’ crisis experience and LCSW qualification to create meaningful change for members at HLO Center in the role of Social Worker, with a passion for improving the lives of persons with developmental disabilities and ability to work flexible shifts to benefit the center.
  • Caring social worker seeking position of Youth Advocate Social Worker to make a meaningful impact by effectively fostering healthier lives among youth, bringing seven years’ experience working with underprivileged children and strategy planning, to help improve the case management program.
  • To secure the role of Social Worker at InterMed Studio, to demonstrate three years’ experience at a frail facility and a desire to see improvement in emotional and physical states, also physically capable of standing for long hours and helping others with movement.
  • Compassionate individual with MSW degree and eight years’ experience working with parents and young children seeking position of Social Worker at RD Program, where effective social skills will enhance the communication channels within the program and with families to improve the lives of others.

Entry-Level Social Work Objective Statements

  • Seeking employment as a social worker to provide behavioral health consultations to families and ensure effective treatment planning, to help the company achieve its goals by developing management processes and techniques.
  • To pursue a career as a Social Worker at FST Company, where my passion for personal development and dedication to mental health can be utilized, bringing ability to engage clients and counsel them through stresses, challenges, and behavioral issues.
  • Dedicated individual seeking position of social worker to help the company achieve its objectives through passionate advocacy of youth campaigns, commitment to development of programs, and ability to maintain databases to highest standards.
  • Near-graduating MSW student at HTC University (current GPA: 3.3), looking to join RAVAT as a Social Worker after graduation, to leverage engagement and contracting skills, and detailed knowledge of family systems to provide direct service to children and families.
  • Motivated individual with immense interest in pain management systems is seeking employment as a social worker to help patients cope with the diagnoses, provide educational resources and mental support, and perform ongoing pain screenings to assess the severity.
  • To work as a Social Worker at Monte School, to use strong analytical, communication and negotiation skills to develop relationships with the community, to set up support structures for students and serve as a liaison between stakeholders.
  • To begin my career as a social worker as part of a dynamic team of caring individuals who provide continued counseling to clients and assess the requirements for involuntary commitments, to use a determined attitude to organize support groups for family members.
  • Eager to work at ACThirst in the capacity of Social Worker, to employ extensive knowledge of treatment plans gained through committed studies, to help develop intervention and treatment plans for students, to monitor student progress by regularly attending meetings.
  • Seeking to utilize a degree in social work earned at VG College and an empathetic disposition to provide child welfare services in the role of Social Worker, leverage ability to travel, work after hours, and conduct thorough investigations when required.
  • Final year BSW student at Gordon’s Bay University (current GPA: 3.6) seeking to join Gradly Institute as a Social Worker after graduation, aiming to use communication and listening skills and vast knowledge of domestic violence to assist the Institute in achieving its goals.
  • Looking to join team of committed colleagues and experts in the field of medical care to dedicate a career to ensure patient safety and satisfaction in the role of social worker, to serve as a liaison between staff, patients, and relatives.
  • Self-motivated graduate with a Master’s Degree in Social Work applying for position of Social Worker at Broc Center, to provide comprehensive assessments, logical referrals, and use regulatory knowledge to handle compliance function.
  • Team player with problem-solving ability is looking to start a career as a social worker with focus on family advocacy, willing to travel to provide therapeutic treatment to victims, obtain relevant data from agencies, and any other travel required to fulfill the duties of the role.
  • Dedicated graduate with MSW degree and commitment to social work would like to join Coldi Group as a Social Worker, to utilize knowledge of health care system to develop community initiatives that support victims of domestic violence, to improve the lives of victims.
  • Assertive individual seeking to apply skills gained through completion of a Masters in Social Work degree as a social worker, employing a patient-centered approach when evaluating needs, providing support, and implementing crisis intervention strategies.

Career Change Social Work Objective Statements

  • Attentive and caring nurse with over 12 years’ experience in the medical industry seeking employment as a Social Worker at FraiCare Co. to provide support to patients and families, evaluate the health status of patients, and coordinate visits.
  • To apply my six years of community building experience, negotiation skills, and tenacity in the social work environment in a Social Worker role with BlueVest, to encourage the development of community-based support structures for victims of abuse.
  • Desiring to apply a results-orientated approach developed over 12-year career in advocacy to assist the company with its supportive housing program in the position of Social Worker, to ensure the safety of children and families in marginalized communities.

You may have noticed that the most intriguing social worker objective statements will directly inform the reader which skills the applicant is bringing to the table, and how it will benefit the company or group. This is a tried and trusted method to follow when crafting your objective statement, as it alerts the recruiter that you have read and understood the job requirements. It will almost certainly get your resume noticed and get you that elusive interview.


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